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Coronavirus: British man linked to 11 other cases ‘fully recovered’ - BBC News
A British man linked to 11 coronavirus cases has spoken for the first time, saying he has "fully recovered" from the illness. Steve Walsh, from Hove in East Sussex, contracted the coronavirus at a work conference in Singapore, before travelling to a French ski resort for a holiday on his way back to the UK. Five of the cases linked to Mr Walsh are in England, five are in France and one is in Majorca, Spain. He remains quarantined in hospital, but says his thoughts are with others who have contracted the virus. In the UK a total of 1,358 people have been tested for coronavirus, of which eight were confirmed positive. Worldwide, there have now been more than 40,000 cases of coronavirus. It has been declared a global health emergency. The death toll in China stands at 1,016.