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Ghalati Episode 8 Presented by Ariel ARY Digital Drama 6th Feb 2020
The Most Romantic Jodi of Do Bol is Back in a new intense drama, Ghalati. Sometimes we take some actions in anger that we tend to regret them later on. Ghalati highlights the irreversible actions made repeatedly in anger by the main protagonist Saad, played by Affan Waheed, and how this destroys his life and of his loved ones. Related: Ghalati Episode 1 | 19th December 2019 Hira Salman as Zaira is a young girl full of dreams. She is engaged to her cousin, Saad since childhood. She belongs to a well-off family. Affan Waheed as Saad is the paternal cousin of Saira. He has a care-free nature and runs away from responsibilities as he has been spoiled by his mother.